studio 26 - Bad hair, nails and eyebrows!

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Took my 14 year.old daughter to studio 26 in Mayfield heights ohio for Homecoming hair, nails and eyebrow wax.She was unconsolable with her results, I always think she is beautiful and her hair looks nice but no different than what she does herself.

All they did way a blow out and some curles. Not what she asked for. they didnt even wash her hair! Nails clear polish thats it and they are charging for and calling it a full manicure.

Eyebrows first she has beautiful full eyebrows and came home with thin uneven eyebrows. When i called they put the owner on the phone and he was very unprofessional and said " well i did her eyebrows myself" i wouldnt brag if i were him. He was rude! BTW THEY CHARHED me for an updo when what we got was an unwashed blow out.

my money is wasted as my daughter is now in the shower washing her hair then plans to polish her nails. Nothing can be done about the eyebrows that the owner did himself.

Now i hope theres time to make it to her homecoming.Please never go this salon.

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Maybe, being your daughter is only 14, you should have stayed there with her to make sure she got what you wanted.As far as the manicure goes, clear polish is appropriate for a 14 year old.

Why would you even consider having your daughter's eyebrows waxed? As far as that goes, 14 is awfully young to have to be given the royal treatment for a school dance or any other type of occasion. If you thought your daughter was old enough to be dropped off at a salon, she should have been old enough to speak up for herself and tell them what she wanted.

If she didn't get a shampoo there would have been no need for the blow out that you keep referring to.Something in this story just doesn't sound right.

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